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At PIDGINMOJI - we make products intended fo' make people happy. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, we will allow you fo' return your product fo' one full refund - forever. Das right! Our products come with one lifetime guarantee! Just reach out to us at

PIDGINMOJI was started by Ka'ohele (on da left) and inspired by Kamalu (on da right), two brothers who grew up in Waialua (when it was still a plantation town) on da North Shore of O'ahu. Ka'ohele (Ka'o for short) wen grad Waialua High School in '94 and Kamalu (Malu for short... Kamaluonapi'olani for long) wen grad Waialua High School in '99. He also wen go Kamehameha.

Ka'o created da original PIDGINMOJI app fo' send local kine emoji talking Pidgin to Malu. Den all their friends wanted da Pidgin emoji so Ka'o released da PIDGINMOJI mobile apps on iOS and Android. Den he turned PIDGINMOJI into one lifestyle brand selling swimwear, face masks, t-shirts, slippahs, beach towels, stickahs and more with any kine Pidgin on top!

Most recently, he released da PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookies (all da fortunes stay in Pidgin)!

Da numbah one question he gets asked is:

Yes - he is local and he probably knows that guy you stay wondering if he know from da North Shore.

Ka'o is also part Hawaiian so he stay sensitive to da island culture and believe in da importance of keeping da local business local.

T'anks eh fo' yo' support of one local boy making one business out of his love fo' Pidgin - da language dat connects all of us!

One t'ing fo' know - customer service is da numbah one priority for Ka'o. Below is some of da feedback.



Da Pidgin language originated in Hawai‘i’s 19th century communities as one way fo' connect people dat came to da islands from all around da world to work in da sugarcane plantations. What emerged was one beautiful blend of words and phrases from da Philippines, Japan, Portugal, China, Korea and more. These terms were intermixed with English and Hawaiian fo' create da Pidgin language dat enabled everyone fo' communicate with each other.

Ka'o and Malu grew up in da plantation town of Waialua on da North Shore of 'Oahu, literally surrounded by sugarcane. The Waialua Sugar Mill was the last sugarcane plantation on da island of 'Oahu to close in 1996.

Pidgin was made an official dialect of Hawai‘i in 2015 by da U.S. Census Bureau.

PIDGINMOJI connects people from all cultures by infusing Pidgin - da beloved dialect of Hawai‘i - into their products.



WHOOOOAAAA!!! Mahalo for this!!! Pidginmoji gear is not only comfortable....they make you wanna dance!!! CHEEEHUUUU!!!!! #WasNotPaidToSayThat #ItsTrueThough

- DJ Don Faumuina


Are u in Oahu?

PIDGINMOJI: Aloha Gigi - PIDGINMOJI was started on Oahu. My brother Kamalu runs it from there and I live in LA. We both grew up on the North Shore. Have a great day!

Gigi: Ok i didn’t want to sound like a troll but i wanted to make sure u guyz were LOCAL. There is just too much BITERs out there trying to take our island culture and make a buck out of it when they're not even from here. Keep on keepn on and all the best to u and ur company 🤙🤙🤙

PIDGINMOJI: Nah - no worries - we are part Hawaiian too so we are sensitive to the culture and want to keep it local. Mahalo for your support!


Thank You soooo much for the instant response

I’m so looking forward to gift my purchases to friends

I think they are going to ❤️ your products

Aloha, KYLE


Aaaaah cherry!😄 Mahalo for responding with such quick feedback. Once I get my order, I can order more for my ohana. Once again, mahalo for sharing and I think this is such a wonderful creation you have done.

- Leigh


Mahalo! She go! 

Thank you for letting me stay connected to my roots little bit!

Mahalo for taking time out to help this Hawaiian girl out with her Pidginmoji!

Aloha!, Leonani


Wow - I deeply appreciate expediting the delivery and your customer kindness.

Mele Kalikimaka, Mahaaaalo, and I’ll keep you posted!

- Lance


Mahalo for your quick response.

I also purchased 'Kay Den' cap which I like and will probably purchase other products in the near future.

Aloha, Bobby


Thanks so much for contacting me.

I appreciate your insight. 

Have a great day!

- Kehvinn


About PIDGINMOJI (In English)

PIDGINMOJI brings the pidgin language that originated in Hawai‘i’s 19th century sugar plantation communities into the modern age with an online store and mobile apps. PIDGINMOJI connects people from all cultures by infusing pidgin - the beloved dialect of Hawai‘i - into their products. For more information on the PIDGINMOJI online store and mobile apps, visit

PIDGINMOJI was started by Ka‘ohele Carlos who was inspired by his brother, Kamalu Alameida, in 2017.  Mr. Carlos, who graduated from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, currently works at Amazon as a Senior Design Leader for the Prime Video streaming service.  Before being recruited by Amazon, he was at CBS where he created the direct-to-consumer streaming subscription app, CBS All Access, and grew the service to over $1 billion in annual revenue.  Prior to his tenure with CBS, he was instrumental in launching the startup Fandango before it was acquired by Comcast, where he helped grow the service to 36 million monthly moviegoers.  When Steve Jobs unveiled the very first iPhone to the world on stage, he demonstrated the Fandango experience that Mr. Carlos created. This wealth of experience in the technology space has come full circle and back to the islands with the PIDGINMOJI lifestyle brand.



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