PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookies


Your futcha looks bright according to da PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookies with all 150 fortunes written in Pidgin! Now you can bus' laugh just like Brook Lee with each fortune!


Listen to our interview on Hawai'i Public Radio about the PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookies.

Da PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookies are on sale at Hawaiian Chip Company located at 1928 Republican St, Honolulu, HI 96819. We also stay talking story with other Hawaiʻi stores and restaurants to bring da entertaining and tasty treat to one wider audience across da islands.

"As Hawaiʻi emerges from the global pandemic, I wanted to introduce  some levity back into our lives." explains founder, Kaʻohele Carlos (Kaʻo for short). "Not only are these fortune cookies onolicious, reading da fortunes in Pidgin is just plain 'good fun'!"

Examples of fortunes include:
"Keep yo’ eyes on da stars and yo’ slippahs on da ground."
"Psst, psst… show lilibit aloha today and choke aloha going come back. Fo’ real!"
"Get two rules fo’ success. #1: Nevah reveal everyt’ing you know."
"You bus’ laugh now, try wait until you get home."
"Whatchu mean da glass half empty or full? Da glass is refillable."

Da fortune cookies are made in Hawaiʻi and da fortune writers are all local people. "As an Oʻahu based business, it was important for us to support other local businesses and entrepreneurs." emphasizes Carlos.

In addition to da snack, PIDGINMOJI is also expanding its apparel line to include all 150 fortunes in Pidgin as t-shirts available at:

Fans of da PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookies can also wear their favorite phrases such as:
"Lucky you live Hawai‘i! No need fortune, you. How much mo’ lucky can get?"
"Mo’ bettah you run now befo’ dey catch you!"
"’Ey!!! No shame… go talk story wit’ dat babe. Get chance!"
"Live aloha and no talk stink, den good t’ings going come to you."
"Easy, brah! Grab somebody special and head fo’ da country. Going be all good."

PIDGINMOJI started as a mobile app that Carlos created with assistance from his brother, Kamalu Alameida. They grew up on the North Shore of Oʻahu where Pidgin was so commonplace, they consider it their first language. Pidgin was made an official dialect of Hawai‘i in 2015 by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Last year Carlos expanded the company’s offering to sell Pidgin phrases on apparel at Selling fortune cookies in local stores is da next move to grow PIDGINMOJI into one lifestyle brand. "I created PIDGINMOJI as a means of connecting people" reveals Carlos. "Da first thing you do after opening one fortune cookie and reading a good fortune is share it with a friend so dis is da perfect way for people in Hawai‘i fo' bond through their shared love of food and da language that connects us all, Pidgin."



A note from Ka'o:

A special "Mahalo Nui Loa" to my friends and family that made all of this possible. Da PIDGINMOJI Crew worked tirelessly to make this come together and I am beyond grateful.

Mahalo to Brook Lee for making it down to the North Shore for our photo shoot and sharing a few laughs over fortunes in Pidgin. She was a complete pro as expected and we couldn't be happier to have this local girl associated with our brand (plus her 'ohana is ADORABLE).

Mahalo to my dear friend Kauila Kawelo for flying down from the Big Island to style all of our models and make sure that everyone looked flawless (thank you also for all of the amazing photos you have taken for PIDGINMOJI). If anybody knows Kauila, "flawless" is the perfect word to describe him. Check out our collab with his Men's Fragrance, KINGDOM Volcano, where we are donating the profits to help feed the hungry in Volcano, Hawai'i.

Mahalo to JOSS for putting in all the hard work to take PIDGINMOJI to the next level with his photography. I am seriously impressed by all of the time and effort you put into this and it shows in the results. I am so happy that we reconnected.

Mahalo to Majena Magallanes and Hayden Ortiz (both wearing the fortune cookie t-shirts above) for coming over from the Big Island to model for PIDGINMOJI and KILLING IT! These models are destined for stardom! They were both so kind and helpful in addition to being amazing models. They both have aloha spirit pouring out of them.

Mahalo to Jess Lundgren, nick named by JOSS as "The Specimen", who was my neighbor growing up down North Shore and jumped in to assist with zero hesitation. He assisted AND modeled (a total natural). If you are looking for a stuntman for your production - THIS is the guy you want (although he may have to consider a second career as a model now).

Mahalo to Matt for taking the time to help out with our photo shoots and being there to help in any capacity needed. Having your warm spirit as part of our production made our team complete.

Mahalo to Titus for capturing all of our moments for social and for getting us in the right mood by busting out da thick Pidgin. Hilo boys nō ka ‘oi!

Mahalo to my cousin Kyla who not only modeled, but also coordinated booking and organizing all of the models for PIDGINMOJI. She just graduated from UH and she has a bright future ahead of her in the world of Marketing. I am so thankful that I had this opportunity to get closer to you.

Mahalo to my cousin Mark for supplying many of the items in our photos. He supplied his own canoe paddles. He supplied the koa bowl in PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookies product photo (which was also used in the blessing of our production). I appreciate all of your support!

Mahalo to Tiana for hooking me up at her hotel, Hilton Waikiki Beach. She totally took care of me and made sure I had a good home base for all of our products. She is amazing at her job. I am so proud of you!

Mahalo to ALL of our models. In addition to Brook, Majena, Hayden, Kyla and Jess - I want to thank Jake (and his dog Uku), Olivia, Keneke, Jessica, Iuliano, Alex, Taty, Krystenn and my cousin Marcus. Everyone was AMAZING!

Mahalo to Cynthia for hosting our Big Island crew and for assisting with our North Shore production (and modeling)!

Mahalo to Jimmy from Hawaiian Chip Company who had the crazy idea for PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookies with the fortunes being in Pidgin. Did I mention Hilo boys nō ka ‘oi?!

Mahalo to my cousins Scott, Caro, Kainalu and Marisol for letting us use their nursery, Plant Hawai'i, as basecamp in Waimanalo. I love all of you and I appreciate that you provided us with a place to shoot, hang, eat and feel at home.

Mahalo to Aunty Marianne for letting us use her office, Marianne Abrigo Properties, for basecamp down North Shore.

Mahalo to Denise for da ono catering from SOOOOOOO FAT in Waimanalo and Aunty Leilani for handling catering at our North Shore location with brok' da mout' Hawaiian food.

Lastly and most importantly, mahalo to my 'ohana. I appreciate that my parents, Jill, Frank and Nor, made it out to our productions to see everything in action. Thank you for raising me and supporting my endeavors. Speaking of support, mahalo to my wife Diana for her ongoing support and letting me run around the island to make PIDGINMOJI a success. I love you with all my heart! Mahalo to my daughters, Leia and Kara, for being as excited about PIDGINMOJI as I am. I do all of this for you Babies!