PIDGINMOJI Model Instructions

Aloha PIDGINMOJI Models -

First of all, we truly appreciate your time and effort to support the PIDGINMOJI brand in your upcoming photo shoot!

At its root, PIDGINMOJI is all about connecting people. It allowed me to stay connected to my brother, family and friends in Hawai'i when I to LA. Our products connect the people of Hawai'i through the shared knowledge of pidgin. Even if you don't speak it but you grew up Hawai'i, seeing pidgin on a shirt will bring a smile to your face. I am extremely thankful that PIDGINMOJI has also connected us to you. We are deeply appreciative for your kokua.

Below are instructions from our Celebrity Stylist, Kauila Kawelo, on how to come prepared for your PIDGINMOJI photo shoot. This will help to make the styling and your experience as amazing as possible.

Mahalo nui loa!
Aloha, Ka'o



Everyone please show-up "camera ready". This means showered, groomed, teeth brushed, shaved wearing deodorant and for girls, arrive with clean dry hair ALREADY STYLED and DOWN without marks from a hat or baseball caps and have your "natural" sexy make-up for a busy fun day as if you're going to meet friends for lunch or cocktails. This will shave off time we can focus on other things that are more important for the overall shoot.

Working with new models or even non-models, nobody gets the "camera ready" memo so let's do it early in the game with EVERYBODY, we all can use a reminder now and again. Even ME!


Guys should have dark underwear that fit well. Bring an extra pair of briefs in-case you get wet in the ocean. Bring your good jeans you'd wear to a graduation party or to dinner at your girlfriend's parents' home! Same with a could pairs of shorts, solids NO PRINTS or LOGOs. WE want to neutralize everything and focus on the apparel... it is totally okay to wear a watch, bracelet or choker, but be prepared if we ask to remove something to keep the shot clean and simple. Throw in your pocket so it doesn't get lost. Also, and extra pair of dress up slippahs is awesome, Mahalo!

Girls wear nude or light tan undergarments and bring a couple of your favorite bikini if you'll be doing oceanside shots. Bring nice jeans, shorts and cute skirt, accessories, bracelets, earrings, watches, rings and KEEP TRACK OF THEM  so bring a Ziploc or small Tupperware to keep them safe in. Keep it all very selective and simple. Don't bring suitcases of stuff to lug around. But do bring a pareu to make quick changes in... Mahalo!


It's a learned habit after NYFW, I plan to bring only what I plan to use. Nothing more. Even family and friends should arrive camera ready, too!

I have a lot of great products but I'm going to pack for "touch-ups". I'm not coming to do make-overs or a demo on someone wanting to know how to make their eyes smokey and winged, or wedding "ideas" for hair. OMGZZZ it always happens but I will halt it immediately! I'm doing simple hair down, I might throw up a ponytail or a tita bun with flowers, But I will have hairbands and bobbi pins, spray, etc., to keep it all under control. I am there to make sure everyone looks natural and pretty, and the guys are clean and handsome, not fussy. It can quickly escalate to 8 big suit cases but I want to keep everything to one bag. I don't want to lose anything to TSA or lost luggage department. My stuff is expensive and difficult to replace.

Also, BRING WATER, something to sit on [cushion or plush towel], a magazine or book to read, some snacks and babywipes!! These are essential to your comfort when you're not on camera! Also apply sunscreen before you get to set... that will help out tons!!

Lastly, what would help is if all models brought their favorite lip color and applied their own mascara. This would save time and avoid cross contamination and other health issues especially now.