Effective date: December 1, 2017

Your privacy is important to us. This notice details the Privacy Policy ("Policy") of Bitmapps LLC, the parent company for "Pidginmoji" (referred to as "we", "us","our" or related pronouns).

This Privacy Policy describes how we gather, use and protect Personal Information within the Pidginmoji app(s) and on - collectively called "Pidginmoji" (also referred to as the "Service") and on any software provided on or in connection with Pidginmoji. It also describes how the trusted companies we work with handle Personal Information.

This Privacy Policy applies to all users, visitors and anybody else who accesses our Service on any platform (collectively called "Users").When you use Pidginmoji, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy. When using our Service, you consent to our use of your Personal Information as described in this Policy (including the gathering, storing, transferring, manipulation, sharing and disclosure of your information).

Since the Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time, each time you use Pidginmoji, you are agreeing to our Policy. We will notify you of updates by revising the date at the top of this policy. If deemed necessary, we may also inform you of updates to this Policy by sending you a notification.

By using our Service, you agree that Pidginmoji is a platform that content to accompany messages - which may include written messages, photos, illustrations, videos, comments and other materials - collectively called a "Message" or "Messages".

We may gather information that is personally identifiable (such as your phone number) - referred to as "Personal Information" and information that is not personally identifiable (such as general location) - referred to as "Anonymous Information". Any information that is gathered will only be done so with your express permission. Pidginmoji may also gather Personal Information through our various websites, notifications, applications, ads, email, widgets, SMS, MMS and APIs. We may also obtain information from other sources and combine that with information we collect through our Service.

Pidginmoji is based in the United States and therefore, is governed by the US law. Please note that if you are using Pidginmoji outside of the United States, you may be sending your information to countries who do not have the same level of protection in regards to your privacy. Your continued use of Pidginmoji signifies that you acknowledge this fact. No matter what country you reside in or provide information from - you consent to Pidginmoji using, processing and transferring your Personal Information in the United States (and any other country that Pidginmoji is available in). This includes, but is not limited to, cookies as described below.

Please review this Privacy Policy whenever you access our Service to stay informed of how we operate and to learn what you can do to ensure that your privacy is protected.

Information you provide to Pidginmoji

The information you provide to Pidginmoji allows us to provide you with our Service, respond to your questions regarding our Service, personalize our Service and improve our Service so that we can provide the best experience for you.

You may provide us with information when you interact with content from our Service through other websites, apps, social media sites, widgets, embeds etc.

We use cookies, web beacons and similar technologies to gather information about your use of our Service so we can improve upon it. It also helps us to provide you with a customized experience.

When accessing our Service through a Mobile device - we may gather device information such as the mobile operating system, your carrier and the unique device identifier.

If we hold contests, sweepstakes or any other promotions - you may be asked to provide additional information such as your email address, name, address, age, birthday, billing address, credit card information and interests/behaviors.

If you sign up for our Newsletter, you may be asked to provide additional information such as your email address, name, age, birthday and interests/behaviors.

We may keep records of our direct communication with you (for example, a customer service conversation). This would also apply to any responses we receive from Service-related messages (such as account verification, policy changes, Service updates, security notices etc.).

Note that the information we gather may be combined with information from outside sources.

Additional information that Pidginmoji receives about you

We gather data about how you use Pidginmoji when you are using our Service. For example, we collect data such as the Pidginmoji content you have used, Pidginmoji content you have sent, if you conduct a search, if you interact with a link and if you make a purchase.

We may combine information we collect about you through our Service with outside records in order to customize your experience and potentially provide you with targeted services or advertisements. If we do so, we will ensure that the combined information is handled in accordance of this Privacy Policy. If you give us permission to share the location of your Messages, we may combine that data with other location data we have on you (for example, your city of residence).

When a Message is created, we may collect metadata such as the date, time and location.

Information from your computer or mobile device might be gathered by us. This may include information such as IP Address, mobile phone number, network, browser, ISP, operating system and the pages you visit. We may also detect and collect information about multiple Users using Pidginmoji from the same computer or mobile device.

In order to give you the best possible experience, we may collect data from advertising partners, customers, affiliates and trusted third parties to help us understand User activity on our Service and measure the effectiveness of advertising.

If we provide data to advertising partners or customers, we will only do so after removing any personally identifiable information. Alternatively, we may provide them with aggregated data from multiple Users so that the information does not identify any individuals.

Your Pidginmoji information that is always available to the public

Your Username on Pidginmoji is publicly available. If you do not create a username, we may create an anonymous Username for you (until you create one yourself), which would be publicly available.

If you choose to provide us with your gender, this information will be publicly available.

Sending Messages

When creating a Message (including but not limited to a written message, photo, video, illustration, comments etc.) , that includes Pidginmoji content, you are in full control of who you share it with. When doing so, it may be viewed by anyone around the world instantly (including people who are not a member of our Service).

Any Message including Pidginmoji content that is sent can be read by recipients (which may include people who are not members of our Service).

By sending a Message, you are also giving us permission to gather data about that Message (for example: number of views, time and date of posting etc.).

We have no control over what occurs once you send a Message. Other Users may have copied your Message on their device or third parties using the Pidginmoji API may have copied or stored your Message.

When others share information about you in their own Messages, they can choose to make that information public (and we have no control over their ability to do so).

We encourage you to think carefully before sending a Message. Please ensure that you do not include anything that you want to keep private in a public Message.

Personal Information in Messages

When creating your Message, you are solely responsible for what information is shared. If you share Personal Information, such as your contact information, you may be opening yourself up to unwanted solicitation. For example, you may receive unsolicited messages from 3rd parties. Such messages are beyond our control. Please do not send any Personal Information in Messages containing Pidginmoji content that you would like to keep private.

How your information is used

We value your trust in Pidginmoji. Therefore, we do not share or disclose information we have about you unless you have given us permission or you have received notice. This Privacy Policy serves as your notice.

Giving Pidginmoji permission to utilize your information allows us to operate and innovate new features. It also helps us to mitigate and eliminate fraud and technical issues.

If you allow us to access your email address or your network of contacts on social media, we may maintain that information.

When you send us a service related email, we may hold on to information in the email exchange to help you with your service related issue. This may include your email address, name, contact information, body of your email etc.

Your contact information may be used to market Pidginmoji to you or to provide you with information about our Service. This may be through our own Service, through a trusted third-party or through a client application.

In addition to the ways mentioned above, your information may be used in the following ways:

• to provide, upkeep and improve upon the Service

• to aid you in accessing your information upon logging into the Service

• to store your information so you don't need to enter it each time you use the Service

• to allow our service providers and trusted partners to provide you with Services

• to inform you of new features in the Service

• to keep track of trends and analyze them to learn how the Service is utilized

• to conduct testing of the Service and quantify the results of the testing

• to process any purchases or conduct any billing related transactions

• to send you notices about the Service such as updates, technical messages, support messages etc.

• to protect the rights of our Service and of our parent company or the rights of others

• to present relevant ads to you and measure their effectiveness

• to provide personalized content and advertising based on your connections, location and interests

• to reply to your customer service questions, concerns and requests

• to identify and remedy technical issues

• to provide you with new features and content

• to monitor analytics related to Service use, traffic, demographics etc.

• to provide you with location based features

• to automatically update the Service on your mobile device

• to prevent fraud, unauthorized access and any other illegal activities

• to tell you about rewards, sweepstakes, offers, contests, events and any other promotions

• to combine with other information we have on you from other sources

• to send you newsletters and push notifications with your expressed permission

• to give ourselves, our agents, our service providers and contractors the ability to carry out Services

• to inform you of products or Services from Pidginmoji, our parent company, affiliates or trusted third parties

• to carry out all objectives for which the information was collected

Pidginmoji's trusted partners and third party service providers

You may arrive at Pidginmoji through another site or app. In addition, from within Pidginmoji, you may be directed to another site or app. We have no control over how the services outside of Pidginmoji handle Personal Information and we are not liable for their use of your information. You agree that your interactions with any service provider outside of Pidginmoji is covered in that third party's own policies.

When providing Messages (including but not limited to written messages, photos, videos, comments etc.) created on Pidginmoji to third parties, you are doing so on your own behalf and agree that we are not responsible and do not have control over those third parties. When you allow a third party to access your User Content, you are doing so at your own risk.

We may share Messages (including but not limited to written messages, photos, videos, comments etc.) created on Pidginmoji with other Services that are legally part of the same company: Bitmapps LLC, the parent company for Pidginmoji. We may also share Messages with companies associated with our company ("Affiliates"). Affiliates may use the Messages to understand how the Service is used and suggest ways to improve Pidginmoji and/or their own services. They may also use Messages to understand how you use Pidginmoji so that you can be provided with a relevant and customized experience. Affiliates are required to adhere to your choices about who can see your Messages.

In order to run Pidginmoji, we work with many third party service providers who may, at times, obtain Personal Information from our Users. These third party service providers are located in the United States and internationally. All service providers that work with us are asked to comply with the handling of Personal Information as described in this Privacy Policy. These third parties, however, have their own policies and we encourage you to learn the details of those policies. Example of information we may share include cookies, device ID, browser type, log files and location data. They will be provided with such data as it is reasonably necessary to provide you with their service. Any service provider we work with will need to keep your Personal Information confidential and will only be using it in relation to our Service (and as we instructed them to do so). We may share Personal Information with affiliates, trusted partners and third parties who want to market their products to you.

In order to process payments, we may share billing related information (such as name, credit card number, address etc.) with our payment service providers. These trusted companies will be able to use the information to ensure that your transaction is processed. It may also be used to prevent fraud, resolve disputes, track buying patterns and other activities related to making purchases.

All identifiable information will be removed when sharing anonymous data with third parties. We may share some information with advertising partners so that they can deliver targeted advertising that will be of most interest to you. Examples of this information include cookies and location data.

We recommend that you are careful when sharing your Personal Information, within and outside of our Service.The following are ways that we may share your Personal Information with trusted third party partners:

• We use third party partners to process payments for Pidginmoji. The partners that handle your transactions are required to comply with the relevant billing laws, however, we encourage you to read through their terms of service. We are not responsible for how these companies handle your billing or Personal Information.

• We may use the Google Cloud Service to host our Service and therefore, their servers are used to store your Personal Information. You can read more about how the Google Cloud Service handles security at:

• We may use third party partners to send Push Notifications to your device(s) about Pidginmoji. This may include news about Pidginmoji's products, your purchases, other products created by Bitmapps LLC or related information. We may also use third party partners to send Push Notifications to your device from other users within Pidginmoji. You can deactivate Push Notifications at any time in the notification settings on your device.

• We may employ a third party to present you with a survey about Pidginmoji to gather your valuable feedback. You are not obligated to participate in our surveys - but if you do - you are sharing information voluntarily. The information that is gathered will be used to improve the Service.

We may contact you regarding issues with our service. We may also contact you regarding any claims where a person's rights have been violated.

Sharing and disclosing information

There are a few extreme cases where we may disclose your Personal Information if absolutely necessary. For example, if we need to comply for legal reasons or if we need to protect the personal safety of Users (or others in the public). This may be in response to a request for information from the authorities in relation to any applicable law, regulation or rule. In addition, we may disclose your Personal Information if we need to defend our rights or property (including the enforcement of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy).

Pidginmoji will never share your phone or email address book or related information unless we are required to do so by law. If necessary, however, we may share your Personal Information and traffic data with trusted third party partners (such as banking services or hosting services). Pidginmoji will always require that these partners protect your Privacy Information and traffic data in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Information and the law

We may need to disclose information about you for law enforcement and legal purposes. For example, we may share Personal Information if we are ordered to do so by the court of law or if requested to do so by a law enforcement agency. Legal requests may come in the form of a search warrant, subpoena or court order. In addition, we may respond to legal requests outside of the United States if we believe that a response is required based on their jurisdiction and international standards.

Personal Information may be preserved for an extended period of time when necessary to retain information for legal reasons or to document violations of our policies.

We may also need to share Personal Information for reasons of national security and/or to keep members of the public safe. We will also share Personal information if deemed necessary to prevent death or imminent bodily harm to yourself or others.

In order to address fraud and technical issues, we may disclose Personal Information to third parties who specialize in detection and prevention of such activities. We may also disclose Personal Information in the case that we need to defend Pidginmoji against legal action or protect our rights and assets. Personal Information may be disclosed if necessary to take action against fraud, threats, illegal activities or violations against our terms of use and policies.

Commerce on Pidginmoji

Pidginmoji's platform allows you to make purchases for content to use in your Messages. You may provide the following information when completing a purchase on Pidginmoji: credit or debit card information, expiration date, name, CVV code, address (collectively called "Payment Information"). You may also provide this information when registering for card-linked services such as promotions and special offers.

Your Payment Information is highly confidential and we treat it as such. We do not make your Payment Information public in any way.

In order to purchase certain products or services, we may require you to provide additional Personal Information outside of Payment Information.

To facilitate your purchases, we may need to provide our commerce partner(s) with your Payment Information to process your payment and to help protect against fraud. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of our commerce partner(s).

Data collection via cookies and web beacons

Pidginmoji may use cookies, Clear GIFs (also known as pixel tags or web beacons) and similar technologies to collect data on usage of our Service. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you are agreeing to allow us to use these technologies as described below.

Cookies are small data files that are transferred to your device to identify you as a unique User. Technical information such as click stream data and click through data may also be tracked. Cookies may also be used to manage and analyze data in relation to advertisements (served by us or our advertising networks) on our Service.

Pidginmoji may use either persistent cookies (that remain on your computer until deleted), session cookies (that remain until you close your browser) or both. Cookies are automatically accepted by most Internet browsers - but you can change this in your browser settings. The majority of the Service is still fully functional with cookies turned off, however, some functions may not work properly and you may not have access to all of our content.

We may also use Flash cookies (files that are locally stored to provide Flash content) to remember settings, preferences etc. Unlike persistent and session cookies, you can not manage Flash cookies through your web browser. Instead, you can download Flash management tools from

In addition to cookies, Clear GIFs (also known as pixel tags or web beacons) may be used on Pidginmoji to help in our analysis. Clear GIFs are small strings of code that delivers a graphic which allows us to collect data. A Clear GIF could be used on Pidginmoji and in our communications to know weather or not you have visited a page or received our communication. Information that is collected from Clear GIFs may also include IP address, URL, time/day a web beacon is used and browser type/version.

When you communicate with you via HTML enabled emails, we may include Clear GIFs to let us know if and when you opened our email. By setting your web browser to display HTML emails as text only, you may be able to prevent Clear GIFs (although you may not receive all of the intended content).

We currently do not respond to "Do Not Track" signals because a universally accepted technological standard has not been established.

Cookies and Clear GIFs are not able to reveal any Personal Information on their own. If you decide to share Personal Information on our Service, however, this information may be linked to the information gathered by cookies and Clear GIFs.

Additional automated data collection for Pidginmoji

In order to improve upon our Service, we collect aggregated information and non-personally identifiable information. Your Personal Information may be linked to your usage of the Service, however, we will not link any Personal Information with aggregated data of our Users.

This data collection will help us, our affiliates, trusted third parties and our service providers:

• to provide and maintain the Service

• to analyze usage and performance of the Service

• to personalize the user experience within the Service

• to make improvements to the designs, functionality and content within the Service

• to aid with customer service related to our Service

• to protect our Service from fraud

Your IP Address might be collected when you are using Pidginmoji. Each time you access the Site, your IP Address might be identified by our servers (and if applicable, your domain name). Your IP Address does not contain Personal Information but it does allow us to collect demographic information (such as Country). We may also gather information about the site or app that linked you to Pidginmoji, what pages or screens you visit on Pidginmoji and what site or app you visit after Pidginmoji. Additional information, such as your web browser, computer, platform, software, settings and search terms may also be collected.

Pidginmoji may track how you interact with links across our Service. We may do so by redirecting link or through other means. This includes links to the Service, links within the Service and links from the Service. This aggregate information about link usage will help us to improve the Service, analyze data and trends and serve you the most relevant content and advertising.

In addition to the ways mentioned above, your information may be used in the following ways:

• to determine how and when you use our Service

• to determine your browser type, version number and language

• to determine your operating system (e.g. Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android)

• to determine entering sources (including search terms) and exiting sources

• to determine which pages or screens are viewed on our Service

• to determine the domain name of your ISP or mobile carrier

• to determine which marketing emails and newsletters are opened and which links are clicked in those emails and newsletters

• to determine information about the Messages you create and how other Users interact with them

• to determine the number of Messages sent and received by our Users

• to determine your mobile information such as phone number, hardware, uniques device identifier, mobile network information and IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)

• to determine your location (with your consent) and how fast your device is traveling

The automated data collection activities mentioned above may be performed on our behalf by our service providers such as our email communications vendor(s) and our analytics vendor(s).


We may use Google Analytics or another analytics system to learn about User activity within Pidginmoji. This information is valuable for us to determine how to improve the Service for our Users. We will not link the data gathered from Google Analytics to your Personal Information. For more details on Google Analytics, please read their terms of service at: Google Analytics will not associate your IP Address with your identity.

We may use other service providers in addition to Google Analytics to help in the analysis of our Service. These service providers, including Google Analytics, may used cookies, Clear GIFs and other technologies to collect their data. Through these service providers, we collect information such as: time spent on a page, pages viewed, links clicked, add-ons, number of pages visited, referring link into the Service, page that the User exited the Service, IP Address, web browser type and version, confirmation of conversion etc.

The information that is collected is used to track and analyze how our Users use our Service. It also allows us to determine the popularity of content on our Service.

We may also use Flurry to provide analytics for our mobile apps. For information on Flurry's Privacy Policy, please visit In order to opt-out of Flurry's analytics, please visit

Google Analytics, Flurry and all other analytics service providers are separate companies and can not assist in any issues with Pidginmoji. To contact us, please email

Social networks

You may link your social network account to Pidginmoji. In doing so, you may be allowing us to access ongoing information about you and your profile on that social network. This may include, but is not limited to your name, email address, birthdate, your list of friends and their contact information, location, gender, users that you follow and users that follow you. By allowing us access to this information, you consent to the use of that information as dictated by this Privacy Policy.

We may also acquire information that is not personally identifiable such as which content you viewed, how you interacted with that content and which ads you viewed.

Allowing us access to your social media network helps us to enhance your experience by:
- personalizing which content is featured within Pidginmoji
- opening a line of communication for us to tell you about our Service through your social network
- giving you exclusive offers, rewards and content

If you post Messages or links to Messages created on Pidginmoji on your social networks, this information may become publicly available on the Internet (depending on your privacy settings). We discourage you from posting any Messages on social media that you intend to keep private. Please refer to the privacy policies of your social networks to learn how they handle your information.

Device identifiers

When you use Pidginmoji on a mobile device (such as a phone or tablet), we may access and collect your "device identifier". This device identifier is a small data file that identifies your unique mobile device. This may come in the form of data from your device hardware, your device operating system or a file sent to your device from Pidginmoji.

We may also collect your device's IP address in addition to information about device such as your operating system, the make and model of your device, your location, your carrier and your mobile Internet browser.

Your device identifier may deliver information to us or to a trusted third party about how you use our Service. This information may help us or others provide you with customized content and advertising.

Certain features and functions of Pidginmoji may not be available if we are unable to retrieve your device identifier.


Pidginmoji is not intended to be used by anyone under the age of 13. We do not intentionally collect or solicit any Personal Information on anyone under the age of 13 (or 13 and older in some jurisdictions).

If you feel that a child has provided us with Personal Information or Personal Information has been shared about a child, please contact us at

If you become aware that a child under the age of 13 has shared Personal Information, please delete the child's account as quickly as possible.

We encourage parents to be a regular part of their children's online and app activities to ensure that their Personal Information is never collected.

Ad servers for Pidginmoji

Pidginmoji may present Users with advertisements as part of it's Service. When doing so, those advertisements will likely be served by a trusted third party. These ad servers may set, edit and view their own cookies to gain data, present relevant ads and provide us with ad response analytics.

Ad serving companies have their own privacy policies and their practices are not covered by this Privacy Policy. We encourage you to review and understand the privacy policies of these companies.

Information about how you use your mobile device might be collected by our ad serving companies. This may include how you use our app, other apps you have downloaded on your device, the mobile websites you visit and other information about your device or you. The collection of this information is useful in the serving of anonymous targeted advertising and the analysis of how Users interact with said advertising.


We enforce reasonable measures to protect Personal Information on Pidginmoji from misuse, theft, destruction, alteration, disclosure, loss and unauthorized access. Because there is no method of electronic storage or transmission that is 100% secure, we can guarantee that it will not be subject to unauthorized access. We also can not guarantee that Personal Information that we collect will never be used by others in a manner that is not consistent with this Privacy Policy.

We do, however, have physical, electronic, managerial and procedural safeguards to protect Personal Information. The information stored on our servers is protected by secured networks that can only be authorized by a few trusted employees.

We will take steps to verify your identity before granting access to our Service. Please do your part to help maintain your security by keeping your account information a secret.

Since you may be connecting Pidginmoji to your social network of choice - and that social network has its own Privacy Policy, your privacy settings may be affected by any changes they make to their service. We take no responsibility for the privacy and security measures taken by other companies.

Storage, processing and transferring

Your Messages and Personal Information may be stored and processed in the United States and any other country in which Pidginmoji, its Affiliates and trusted third party service providers have facilities. Your Messages and Personal Information may be transferred across borders from your jurisdiction and/or country to other places around the world by Pidginmoji, its Affiliates and trusted third party service providers.

Places outside of the United States may have different laws governing how data is collected, stored and used. We do, however, take reasonable precautions to ensure that the information you provide to Pidginmoji is secure and we have reasonable safeguards in place to ensure your identity (such as requiring a password) before giving you access to your account. We can not, however, guarantee that any electronic information transmitted to, transmitted from or created on Pidginmoji is 100% secure.

By using our Service, you consent to your Messages and Personal Information potentially being stored and processed in the United States and other countries where Pidginmoji is available.

Potential Business Transaction

In the case that Pidginmoji or it's parent company, Bitmapps LLC, goes through a business transaction (such as a merger, an acquisition by another company or the sale of relevant assets) - Personal Information may be among the assets that are transferred. This may also apply in situations outside of a business transaction such as a liquidation, bankruptcy, dissolution or reorganization of our assets.

We would only ever enter into such an agreement with the expressed knowledge that our buyer or transferee would honor the commitments made to protect your Personal Information in this Privacy Policy. Without that commitment, we would not do business with that company. If such a transaction occurs, we will post a notice on the Service alerting our users of a change in ownership or control of Personal Information.

We may also share or disclose information about you to our Affiliates or with other Services within our parent company, Bitmapps LLC, in order to improve our experience and to enhance the delivery of relevant advertising.

Co-sponsors of contests, promotions, sweepstakes etc.

Pidginmoji may offer contests, promotions, sweepstakes, games, applications, social network integrations etc. (referred to as "Promotions" or "Promotion") in order to drive more engagement and bring our Users unique opportunities. When doing so, we may be working with a third party who could be co-sponsoring the Promotion.

As part of our agreement for co-sponsored Promotions, Personal Information that is gathered may be shared with our co-sponsor(s). We have no control over how these co-sponsors will handle Personal Information. When participating in a Promotion, we will make you aware that your information may be shared with our co-sponsor(s).

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time as Pidginmoji and the way our Users interact with our Service develops. Our most current version of this Privacy Policy will always dictate how we handle your Personal Information. We reserve the right to update or modify our Privacy Policy, or any other policies or practices, at our discretion without any notice. We will, however, not use Personal Information is a way that is drastically differently from what is described in this Policy without giving our users the opportunity to opt out of the new uses.

Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be updated on the Services so that users can always be fully informed about how their Personal Information is collected, used and potentially disclosed. You may also receive an email or SMS with any Privacy Policy changes.

You agree to our Privacy Policy each time you use our Service. If you use our Service after any changes were made, you are bound by our revised Privacy Policy. We encourage you to check back to review our Privacy Policy periodically to learn about any changes. If you do not agree to our Privacy Policy, you should not use our Service.

Change or removal of information on Pidginmoji

If you do not want to receive any email communication from us (such as promotions, special offers, newsletters etc), you can remove your email address at any time by sending an email to with the subject line: UNSUBSCRIBE or by clicking on "Unsubscribe" in an email. Note that you are not able to opt out of Service related SMS or email communication such as account verification, billing confirmation, feature updates, security notices and Privacy Policy changes.

If you no longer want your information collected from the Pidginmoji app, you can uninstall our mobile application by using the standard uninstall protocol for your operating system.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Contact Us Regarding Privacy

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy or how it is implemented, please email us at