Howzit Good Lookin'!

We are seeking local people to model for our PIDGINMOJI brand. You can see our products at

This page contains just a few of our photos to give you an idea of our style. We are looking to capture local people with plenty aloha doing any kine local things. These are not retouched... this is a look at da amazing photos we get right out of da camera.

We get limited openings so try hurry! You can email, DM us on Instagram or TikTok @PIDGINMOJI or text 310.940.7676.

PIDGINMOJI was started by 2 brothers from da North Shore. We focus on apparel that celebrates da Pidgin language that connects us all. Learn more about PIDGINMOJI.



Do I need to be a professional model?
No need.
My mom t'inks I am good lookin' - that count?
No worries - we t'ink you good lookin' too! You no need be one supah model. We stay looking for local people that are full of aloha and have a "good fun" vibe.

I look local but I don't speak Pidgin - can I still model?
Yes - we just want to feature local people of Hawai'i.

I look local but I did not grow up in Hawai'i - can I still model?
Yes - if you live in Hawai'i and respect da land and culture - we would love to include you.

I don't look local but I grew up in Hawai'i - can I still model?
Yes - we celebrate all local people from Hawai'i!

What do I get?
You get PIDGINMOJI merch of your choice and digital copies of da photos that you can use for your own purposes. We can also feature you on our PIDGINMOJI Podcast where we talk story with local people and use it as a platform to promote their passion in life. Da conversations are less about Pidgin and more about da uniqueness of Hawai’i. We do it as a recorded zoom call (about 40 min) that we will put on YouTube and then use da audio for da podcast.

How do I get started?
Send us your Instagram account or photos and tell us a bit about yourself... we will go from there. You can email, DM us on Instagram or TikTok @PIDGINMOJI or text 310.940.7676.

When are you shooting?
We have limited openings between now and October 2021 with da majority of our openings between October 9 - 17. Try hurry bumbye going run out!
Where are you shooting?
We are primarily shooting in various locations across O'ahu. For locals who now live in Los Angeles, we may be able to do a special shoot with you.

Will I get paid?
We are a small start up company that is not in a position to pay right now. Our models have volunteered their time out of da aloha in their heart to support a local company.
How should I be prepared?
Go check out our handy guide on preparation!

What will I be modeling?
We have a range of products from t-shirts, swimsuits, board shorts, bikinis and more.

Only photos or video too?
We will probably shoot some behind da scenes videos plus some quick and simple videos for our social media. When we post on social - we can also include your account info to send people your way. Learn more about creating videos for PIDGINMOJI.

You get one dictionary fo' Pidgin o' wot?
We thought you would never ask! Check out our Pidgin Dictionary.
How will da content be used?
We will be using da content on and in our social media account such as Instagram and TikTok to promote our products. We may also use da photos in our Pidgin Dictionary (online and an upcoming printed version).

Mahalo nui loa! We look forward to working with you!

Text: 310.940.7676.