Da PIDGINMOJI Ghosts Apps stay available on da Apple App Store and da Google Play Store!

iMessage Stickah Apps stay available too so you can put da PIDGINMOJI Ghost stickahs on photos li'dat in yo' text messages.

Get da apps, go get em now, go:

Here stay some examples of da PIDGINMOJI Ghosts in action:

PIDGINMOJI Ghosts is da bes' stickahs in da App Store with 300+ stickahs. Get em, go get em now, go.

OK, now in English: Whether you’re a local to Hawaii, just visiting, or want to text with your Hawaiian friends and family, this app is for you.  No longer considered slang, Pidgin is so commonplace that it was made an official dialect of Hawai‘i in 2015 by the U.S. Census Bureau. If you’re traveling to Hawaii you’ll need to know a little bit more than just “Aloha”, so why not learn Pidgin via emojis.

PIDGINMOJI Ghosts provides unique, fun, stickers with a local flavor. These stickers are a great way to liven your texts with engaging and happy Pidgin phrases.  Enrich your conversations with emoji that reflects the Hawaiian islands through the local language of Pidgin.

Here stay some ways fo’ use PIDGINMOJI Ghosts:

( '} {' )

Use PIDGINMOJI Ghosts fo’ scare yo’ friends


Use PIDGINMOJI Ghosts fo’ flirt like one champ

( o)

Use PIDGINMOJI Ghosts fo’ make yo’ drunk txts mo’ even bettahs


Use PIDGINMOJI Ghosts fo’ confess yo’ true feelings to yo’ crush


Use PIDGINMOJI Ghosts fo’ suggest… you know… da kine


Use PIDGINMOJI Ghosts fo’ let yo’ friends know dey da bes’


Use PIDGINMOJI Ghosts fo’ say you sorry


Use PIDGINMOJI Ghosts fo’ prank Kimo


Use PIDGINMOJI Ghosts fo’ geev da bes’ comeback evah

( o)

Use PIDGINMOJI Ghosts fo’ offend yo’ parents


Use PIDGINMOJI Ghosts fo’ confuse yo’ tutu


Use PIDGINMOJI Ghosts fo’ put haters in dey place


Use PIDGINMOJI Ghosts fo’ send cryptic messages to yo’ boss


Use PIDGINMOJI Ghosts fo’ write one book report wit’ no mo’ words


Use PIDGINMOJI Ghosts as da only way fo’ talk story


Use PIDGINMOJI Ghosts fo’ express any kine

T'anks eh for your support!!!

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