Howzit! My name is Ka’ohele Carlos and I am from da North Shore of O'ahu (Waialua '94 Grad). I created Da PIDGINMOJI Game wit my daughters Leialoha and Kara. Please sign up for our e-mail list to learn how to support our upcoming Kickstarter campaign (and get a BOMBUCHA DISCOUNT on da game)!

Mahalo for your kokua in releasing dis game to all da keiki… and all da adults too since it can also be a drinking game (just add Teremana Tequila)!

Here is da game in action:



I started PIDGINMOJI in 2015 as a mobile app wit local emoji saying Pidgin expressions. My day job is leading da team at Amazon's Prime Video but PIDGINMOJI is my pau hana good fun job to keep me and my daughters connected to our Hawaiian and local roots.

I expanded da apps to include fun new characters like ones for da holidays:

and superheroes:

and monsters:

Since den I expanded da O’ahu based brand to include PIDGINMOJI apparel and swimwear. Here is Leimakamae Freitas channeling Rap Reiplinger's classic "room service" bit in our PIDGINMOJI Plumeria Bikini:

I also partnered with local companies to collab on apparel where 100% of da proceeds get donated to Hawai'i non-profit organizations. Our collab with KINGDOM Volcano helps to feed da hungry on da Big Island and our collab with B.R.A.V.E. Hawai'i supports their organization's efforts on bullying prevention. Check out Augie T and his daughter Mahea (who founded B.R.A.V.E. Hawai'i) in their "LIFE IS GOOD FUN" PIDGINMOJI shirts:

Most recently, I launched da PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookies wit all of da fortunes in Pidgin:

Listen to my interview about da PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookies on Hawai'i Public Radio and read da article on da cookies in Honolulu Magazine.



My next endeavor dat I want to release wit your help is Da PIDGINMOJI Game!

I created Da PIDGINMOJI Game wit my daughters and it is guaranteed to make you bus' laugh. Whether you’re at a potluck, cruzin' in da garage, sitting at a Starbucks or having game night wit da keiki, Da PIDGINMOJI Game will bring people together in true local fashion. Da game contains 115 cards with Pidgin expressions, 6 headbands, a timer and 50 rocks dat you use to keep score.

Da game seems simple, all you need to do is  get your teammate to guess da Pidgin expression in their headband without saying da words in da expression -  but wait till you try it, easier said than done! For those who are not fluent in Pidgin, each card has a QR code on the back that links to da Pidgin Dictionary to learn da meaning.

As mentioned, Da PIDGINMOJI Game comes wit 6 custom headbands dat I created and just because we’re akamai, they double as face masks!

We need your support to unlock da true potential of dis project and fund Da PIDGINMOJI Game! Sign up for da PIDGINMOJI newsletter to learn how you can help and to find out what cool stuff you will get as a backer!



We get any kine rewards dat you will receive when you back da project - including da game itself at a huge discount and limited edition PIDGINMOJI NFT digital collectibles. You can be da exclusive owner of da pixel art characters dat were created just for Da PIDGINMOJI Game as NFTs. We also have apparel, swimwear, hats, PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookies and more for you to pick from as rewards.

A select group of backers will be rewarded wit limited edition PIDGINMOJI NFTs. These are digital versions of da PIDGINMOJI pixel art characters made just for da game. These collectibles are positioned to rise significantly in value and you are able to get in on da ground level to own dem at an affordable price. Hurry up and pledge for dis reward bumbye too late... only get 216 of these PIDGINMOJI NFTs!

You can also get a voucher for any expansion pack of your choice like "Da Naughty Pidgin for Adults Only" pack. We get any kine PIDGINMOJI characters like Sushi, Monsters, Superheroes, Ghosts, Surfers, Vampires, Shave Ice and more!



Dis how for play Da PIDGINMOJI Game:

Split up into teams.

All players put on a headband (make sure da PIDGINMOJI logo stay visible and is centered).

Put da cards face down (QR codes up) in da middle.

Pile da rocks over da cards in da middle.

Junk-en-a-po and da winning team goes first.

Flip da 1-minute timer.

A player in da first team picks up a card without looking at da Pidgin expression and places it in their headband. Their teammate(s) try to get dem to say da Pidgin expression without using any of da words in da Pidgin expression. If da player gets it right and there is still time in da timer, they pick up another card and keep going again and again until da time runs out.

If not can get 'um - skip 'um. Get unlimited skips.

Guessed or skipped cards should be placed face up so they are not picked up again.

If a SHHHHHHHHH! card wit da PIDGINMOJI Shaka Logo is picked up, pick up another card and until da timer runs out, da teammate(s) no can use words. Dat team can only act out da rest of da Pidgin expressions until da time pau.

For each correct guess, da team takes a rock.

Wen da timer is pau, it is da next team's turn. Make sure you switch who picks up da card each time it is your team's turn.

Da team wit da most rocks wen all da cards have been flipped over wins!

Good fun wit PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookies and ZOA Energy Drinks! Aurite!


For da adults only...


- Wen da game starts

- Each time you skip

- Wen you lose a round

- If you mess up and say one of da words as a hint

- If you talk after you get da SHHHHHHHHH! card

- Wen you swear

- Wen pau playing da game

Good fun wit PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookies and Teremana Tequila! Cheeeeehuuuu!


Helpful tips:

- Don’t know da Pidgin expression? Use your phone on da QR code to learn da expression in da Pidgin Dictionary.

- You can use da headbands as face masks too!!!



Wit your support, we are looking to bring Da PIDGINMOJI Game to life! Da games will be available in or before September 2022.


We have a stretch goal of $20,000 and if we hit dis, we will release a mobile app of Da PIDGINMOJI Game on iOS and Android dat will retail for $4.99... but those who pledge $35 or more will get it for free!

Here are some clips of Da PIDGINMOJI Game in action:

Mahalo to you in advance for supporting Da PIDGINMOJI Game! We are beyond grateful for your pledge! Please sign up for our PIDGINMOJI newsletter for the latest updates. Welcome to da PIDGINMOJI 'ohana!