2 Friends Faced Off Wit One Tiger Shark On Maui 🦈🌴🌊

Patrick Wardle and Megan Valentine wen take on one big tiger shark wen dey was out paddleboarding on Maui's South Shore. According to da report, da shark came outta nowhere and bit one of da guy's paddles. Da friends was able to escape from da shark's jaws and make their way to da shore. 🌊🦈👊

Da friends say dat da shark was about 12-14 feet long and dat dey were terrified for their lives. Dey wen say dat dey never experienced anything like dis before.

Dis incident has brought up da concern of shark attacks on Maui and da need for betta safety precautions. Da Department of Land and Natural Resources has warned beachgoers and surfers to be extra cautious when entering da water and to avoid areas where sharks have been spotted. 🏄‍♂️👀🦈

According to DLNR, tiger sharks are known to frequent da waters around Maui, and dat dey are more active during certain times of da year. Beachgoers and surfers are urged to take extra precautions when entering da water, including wearing appropriate safety gear and being aware of their surroundings. 🤔🦈⚠️

Dis close encounter wit da tiger shark has definitely left an impression on da kine friends, and dey say dat dey will be more cautious and vigilant when paddleboarding in da future. Dey are grateful to be alive and urge odda beachgoers to be careful and respect da ocean. 🚨🏊‍♂️🚫

In da end, dis story reminds us of da dangers dat come wit being in da ocean and da importance of being prepared and aware at all times. Mahalo to da kine friends for sharing deir story and reminding us to always have respect for da power of da ocean. 🙏🌊